Our Story

It all starts with Organic and Natural farming

We live and earn to eat but the least we know is about our food. This realization led Founder Parul, an architect planner to farming as the path to reconnect with food. A journey that began with natural farming in 2016 so as to eat healthy for herself and family became a quest for healthy, sustainable and conscious life for All - to spread food awareness empower the farmer and connect back to the Earth.

Our Vision.

Happy farmer, healthy you
We bring better for you products directly from farm to table. It is quality produce consciously grown with love and care by our happy farmers because you deserve sustainable, clean and great food that makes you healthy inside out

Our Mission.

Lets be the Change
To be a trustworthy leader in genuine pure natural products, that inspires changes in the way we live - makes us health-conscious, eco-conscious and self-conscious or as they say Truly Aware

Lead you to Conscious and Sustainable Living

Our Beliefs

Our choices can change the world

We choose natural and organic; as we believe we vote for the world we want the right to healthy, wholesome, flavourful and nutritious clean food. We constantly strive to innovate to regenerate the health of Our People and Our Planet.

Local first

Trace our food directly to your local farming community. We have nothing to hide and offer the assurance that you get it as local as is possible from our farmer network. Hyperlocal products guarantee a low carbon footprint, farmer connect and sustainable future for all.

Small farmer friendly

We enable market access with a focus on small and marginal farmers. They have a right to livelihood and fair prices for their labour and risks in the face of climate change. Further, their children should find it worth it to continue the commitment to the family farm.

Indigenous Seeds

Desi or indigenous seeds are heirloom, local and resilient varieties created by centuries of open pollination. They are consistently preserved by the farmers' family and local agri community. They are guaranteed non-GMO and are time tested for great taste and flavour. Better for you, the land and the farmer.

Slow process

We promote local, fresh, seasonal and traditional foods that are made by hand or slow processed in small batches at cottage scale. Big on health and livelihood impact and small on energy and environmental impact in the highly significant agricultural processing sector.


We put nature first.We strive to free our soil, water and air of chemicals, pesticides and plastics, nurture the land and grow healthy clean food. We endeavor at every step to work with nature and not against it. Better for You and Our Planet